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Vera Perlin Online Archive

Welcome to the Vera Perlin Society's Online Archive. Here, we will showcase some of our very rich history and events that helped mold the Society, and the community around it.


The Vera Perlin Society was started in 1954, by Mrs. Vera Crosbie Perlin in hopes of outreaching a helping hand and resources to individuals with developmental disabilities.


With what started as a home on Patrick Street, St. John's has now branched into a full blown Society, with the Perlin Centre and The Button Shop, which is ran by the Employment Division of the Vera Perlin Society.

How You Can Help!

The Vera Perlin Society Online Archive will have some articles, videos, and images (plus other related materials) with descriptions. Since there was never a real way of keeping track of the material, any information you may have about any of our archival peices, just contact us with the information.