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It is generally accepted that every adult Canadian citizen will make a contribution to his/her own welfare and the welfare of society through meaningful employment. Most Canadians attempt to find a job that will satisfy both their need to feel productive and their need for financial security. The range of occupational alternatives available for persons with a developmental disability often does not satisfy either their personal or economic needs.

The Vera Perlin Society, in endeavoring to meet the challenges of unemployment for persons with a developmental disability, developed within its structure an Employment Division which includes:

- W.O.R.C
- C.E.E

Our current structure attempts to provide the best possible ways and means to access community based employment opportunities.

The Employment Division endeavors to support individuals in a variety of ways, including advocacy and directional support to obtain the services which are required to maximize success in the work place.




W.O.R.C is an Employment Program for adults with a developmental disability.

In essence, the W.O.R.C program is in the Match-Making business, matching employer needs with client abilities. Any good matchmaker is not only concerned with simply introducing two interested parties and 'hoping for the best', a good matchmaker will assess the needs of both parties, make the introductions and then provide the support needed to develop a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

The W.O.R.C, in its endeavor to match employer needs to client abilities, has many features which will be of benefit to any business:

- Ability to assess business needs.
- Ability to access individuals who are interested in a particular business and are motivated to work.
- Ability to provide training and support on the job.
- Ability to provide special supports and resources that may be needed.
- Ability to problem-solve should difficulties arise
- Ability to provide long-term support.

The W.O.R.C program is concerned with fostering a Person-Oriented relationship with business, one that is:


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Supported Employment

The objective of the Supported Employment Program is to secure community based paid employment for individuals with a developmental disability enabling them to be contributing members of society. Support and monitoring are two integral components to the success of the Supported Employment Program.

The quality of each placement is based on following criteria:

- The work being completed is of value to the employer
- Not less than minimum wage is paid for the work being completed
- One on one support is provided to individuals to ensure that all tasks assigned are completed to the expectation of the employer
- Clients are matched with employers based on the individual’s personal interests and abilities

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The C.E.E Program is a pre-employment skills program, operated by the Vera Perlin Society, for adults with a developmental disability. This program is housed out of the College of the North Atlantic (Prince Philip Drive Campus), and runs from September to June.

The main emphasis of this program is Employment Skills, but instruction is offered in other areas as well, such as a Reading, Math, Basic Computers, Money Management and Community Awareness.

The primary goal is to provide a solid foundation to the world of work, through pre-employment instruction in areas of Resume Writing, Job Search, Interview Preparation, and Realistic Employment Goals.

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The Button Shop

The Button Shop
Click the image to go to The Button Shop website.

235-237 Pennywell Road
Phone: 738 - 1500 Fax: 738 - 1744

The Vera Perlin Society:
Creating Employment For Persons With Developmental Disabilities

The Employment Division of the Vera Perlin Society operates The Button Shop to create employment for Individuals with a Developmental Disability.

All clients who work at The Button Shop have a choice to work either Full Time or Part Time.

All work completed at The Button Shop is secured through a contractual basis and the clients are paid minimum wage for every hour worked.

Some of the work completed at the Button Shop is:

Promotional Buttons

Office overload

- Folding
- Labeling
- Envelope stuffing
- Stapling
- Taping
- Mail preparation

Promotional Buttons is a large component of the work at the Button Shop. Over the years, thousands of buttons have been produced for various companies and non - profit organizations, such as:

- Janeway Organization
- City of St. John' s
- Hickman Motors
- Quick Print

And more!

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