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Our Supporters:

Newfoundland Rockers

The Rockers are a group of ex-patriot Newfoundlanders who hold an annual fund-raising auction to support our organization.


Island Furniture (Website)

In 1979, through partnership with Federal Government Leap Program and Vera Perlin Society (then St. John's Association for the Mentally Delayed) the concept of a business to employ persons with a developmental disability was envisioned and from this Island Furniture Association was established and under its own Board of Directors has grown into the successful business it is today.

Over the years Island Furniture has continued to fulfill its mandate to employ persons with a developmental disability and has enabled many to lead full, active lives and become contributing citizens of our community.

Island FurnitureNot only has this business fulfilled its mandate under the guidance of its Board of Directors, but is has expanded its interest to other areas within the Vera Perlin Society. It has provided funds amounting to $130,000 to subsidize employment opportunities for clients working in other fields in St. John's, thus providing job opportunities outside their own business.

Island Furniture's commitment to persons with a developmental disability was proven once again in 1996 when the Vera Perlin Society found it necessary to renovate the Perlin Centre on Pennywell Road. A centre used to provide programs for approx 100 clients. Island Furniture came forward with a generous donation of $150,000.00 towards the cost of renovating the centre enabling the Society to continue its important work.

The Vera Perlin Society wishes to express its appreciation of Island Furniture and to wish it continued success.


Gary Kennedy (Website)

Gary Kennedy is a Newfoundland Artist.
Gary Kennedy

The Skaters

By Gary Kennedy

$125 Unframed

$225 Framed

The Skaters

This Picture is a reproduction of an oil painting by well known Newfoundland Artist Gary Kennedy. Over the years Mr. Kennedy has been recognized as one of Newfoundland's Most Outstanding Artists and has been named "Master Painter of the World" by International Artist Magazine.

Gary Kennedy has created a series of 3 serigraph paintings for the Vera Perlin Society. "She Opens Doors", "She Turned Another Page", and "She Believes". All are on display at every Vera Perlin Society establishment.


Canadian Progress Club (Website)

The Canadian Progress Club

80 Years of Progress

“It's Great To Be a Canadian/Soyons Fiers d’ętre Canadien” is the motto of the Canadian Progress Club, an all-Canadian service club having no international affiliations. Membership and its privileges are open equally to men and women.

Progress members seek the advancement of the communities in which their individual clubs are located. Progress is entirely Canadian CPCin concept and development. Each local club conducts its own affairs and its own charitable projects.

There is no classification system within the Club. Progressians are men and women from all walks of life who enjoy hands-on involvement in charitable activities. In particular, members are proud of their contributions in the area of under-privileged children, and of helping to foster the cause of the physically, mentally and socially handicapped people of Canada through service to the community. In doing so they meet new friends and have fun!

In addition to their commitments to local communities, on a national level, Canadian Progress Clubs proudly support Canadian Special Olympics through the Canadian Progress Charitable Foundation.