Vera Perlin . Our Founder


Prior to 1954 no special services were available to parents of children with a developmental disability in Newfoundland. In that year, having become interested in the problem, Mrs. Vera Perlin gained the consent of the United Church Conference to plan and establish experimental classrooms for children with a developmental disability in a room in the united church orphanage, with Miss. Mollie Dingle, M.B.E, as teacher.

Mrs. Perlin visited Great Britain, where this work was well advanced and visited many schools. studied the psychological and other special problems involved. IN the autumn of 1954 the first class opened in the United Church Orphange on Hamilton Avenue with an enrollment of seven children.

n 1955 a second class was opened in the Presbytarian Hall on Power Street and it soon became apparent that the need for this service is so great, larger accomodations would be needed. In 1957 a large private home on Patrick Street was bought, and with a great deal of free labour from the parents of the children and their friends, this building was renovated and equipped.

The Principle of self-help has been maintained throughout the years by our association. Our larger building was soon operating to capacity and plans were made to erect a new, all purpose building. This was completed in 1966 and is the building we occupy today known as The Vera Perlin Building on Pennywell Road.

Today, The Vera Perlin Society delivers programs through six divisions, they are Early Childhood, Career Development, Employment, Community Living, Case Counselling, and Administration. It operates such programs as:

a: Perlin Pre-Vocational Training Centre
b: W.O.R.C (Work oriented Rehabilitation Centre)
c: Summer Respite and Recreation Program
d: Respite Program
e: Business Opportunities
f: Supportive Employment, etc.

Over the years much has been accomplished. Our ultimate aim is to see that all persons with a developmental disability is our area are provided with the best service available so that they may lead productive and meaningful lives our community.


Gift Recognition Details


The Vera Perlin Society will acknowledge all individuals, corporations, foundations and community groups who have helped make the Perlin Centre renovation and extension a reality. It is a mandate of the Board of Directors of the Society to recognize al contributers. Corporations will be given an opportunity to purchase cirtain areas of the new building under the following framework.

The following is a listing of the opportunities available for contributers:




All rooms sponsored will carry the name of the donor on a plaque outside of the room.
All Donors will participate in all press confrences related to overall project. Individual Corporate Press Confrences can be organized at the request of thesponsor. All donors’ names will be entered on a Donor Wall at the entrance to the building.