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     Please be reminded that Mary Brown’s will be donating $2.50 from their sale of snack boxes and meals all day. If you are looking for a place to eat for lunch or dinner/supper, please consider Mary Brown’s at the Village Shopping Centre and help them support the Walk Around the Pond!]]>
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Easter Basket Draw 2017-04-13 00:00:00 News Poster: Vera Perlin Centre RSS Easter Basket Prizes      As you are already aware, the tickets on the Easter Basket have reached home for sale. Many thanks for your continued support of our programs! The draw is scheduled to take place on Thursday, April 13th, 2017 at the Perlin Centre. We are hoping that the draw will be as successful as it was last year.
     Your assistance with the sale of these tickets is very much appreciated. Many thanks to those of you who sent in donations to support us in making this Easter Basket Draw possible! Your generosity demonstrates your own belief that the Vera Perlin Society provides an essential service, one which must be maintained, strengthened and sustained. We will continue to work hard to ensure that every person who avails of our service receives a quality program and are treated with dignity and respect.
     I have attached a photo of the many items that are in this basket with more items to follow which will also be added to this prize package. As it sits in this picture, there is more than $2000.00 in gift cards and over $1000.00 in prizes.
     Thanks again for your continued support! Good Luck in the Draw!

     For more information, or to inquire about tickets, feel free to contact the Vera Perlin Centre by phone at 579-2106, or via e-mail at

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     The Vera Perlin Society is offering a Pre-Employment Program at the College of the North Atlantic. Individuals with a developmental disability wanting to enter or re-enter the workforce should apply. This program will cover topics such as:

* Resume Writing
* Interview Preparation
* Employment Expectations
* Job Interests
* Problem Solving
* Respect in the Workplace
* Finding a Job
* Keeping a Job
* Time Management
* Basic Reading, Writing & Computer Skills
* Money Management
* Consumer Education
* Health & Hygiene
* Human Sexuality

     The ultimate goal or purpose of the program is preparing individuals for employment.

Duration of Course: 10 months
Start Date: September 2016
For more information please contact:
          Vera Perlin Society
          P.O. Box 7114
          St. John's, NL
          A1E 3Y3
          Phone: 709-739-6017]]>
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