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The goal of the Perlin Centre is to provide a quality structured day program to individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Each Supervisor/Instructor endeavours to provide instruction in line with each person’s ability and attention level while offering a challenging environment.  This program also offers an opportunity for employment through the Employment division of the Vera Perlin Society.  The Perlin Centre is the only day program available to students after they leave the school system.  This program helps with their development while maintaining and improving their individual skill level.

The Perlin Centre has 8 individual programs that are offered to the individuals enrolled in the program. They Include:

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Artistic Expression

  • The Art Program offers a unique program that enables clients to develop their own individuality and self-confidence through various mediums. Clients first begin to explore their world by scribbling, drawing ovals and stickmen. This is known as the exploratory stage. This level is encouraged by offering the clients such materials as paints, colored leads, pen/ink, and pastels. Not only do the clients begin to describe their world by using such supplies but they also learn the basic concept of art. Instruction on the different types of surfaces, paints, textures, hues, leads, and applications influence the clients to master their own technique. The Artistic Expression Program is a workshop of ideas and materials that enables the flow of color.

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  • The objective of this program is to provide a safe learning environment for the clients while participating in the completion of a ceramic piece from start to finish. This program also emphasizes appropriate behavior and interaction with peers. Safe and proper use of cleaning tools is encouraged at all times.

    Activities include mixing of slip; proper pouring of the mold; draining molds; cleaning molds; cleaning green ware piece; painting and finishing.

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Community Access Program

  • This program focuses on community integration through recreational and leisure activities. Program planning addresses activities that are available, age appropriate and that which clients show an interest. Leisure and Recreational activities indirectly provide an opportunity for enhancement of the clients self esteem. Changes in routine and coping with new situations is usually confusing and requires direct attention. Clients have short attention span and progress occurs at a much slower rate than normal. Program involves repetition, concreteness, routine environments and familiarity to known concepts. Progress is uneven; what appears to have learned one day is often absent the following day.

    Program Activities include Bowling, Exercise Class, Swimming, Walking, Floor Hockey, Community Breaks, Personal Hygiene, Nutrition, Following instruction/functional skills, Special Events (sporting events, trade shows, festivals etc.)

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Computer Lab Program

  • The Computer Program is a full service modern computer lab program that emphasizes each clients individual skill development and participation in a fun and exciting interactive environment. Todays technology allows the clients to see through a different window. Clients who attend the Computer Program are regularly assisted on internet safety, e-mail and proper internet search techniques with the assistance of interactive games and projects. This combined with the freedom to search the internet to discover exciting places, ideas and hobbies ensures that clients are constantly learning and mentally stimulated.

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Creative Arts

  • The objective of the Creative Arts Program is to provide a safe work environment where clients are given an opportunity to develop and enhance their creativity through an Arts and Crafts program. This is a hands-on program that gives clients an opportunity to expand their minds and ideas as well as enhance their social, communication, interpersonal, and fine motor skills.

    Some of the activities include small wooden crafts (sanding, shaping and painting); paper crafts (using construction paper, glue, scissors, glitter etc.); holiday crafts (seasonal, occasional etc.); knitting; rug hooking; using sewing machine as well as needle and thread; planting and caring for plants.

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Domestic Science

  • * The objective of this program is to provide a safe learning environment while receiving training in domestic skills that will aid with clients independence. Through instruction in a kitchen, clients are taught a basic knowledge of kitchen skills to help them live and function independently.

    Activities include proper use of kitchen appliances and equipment; cleaning dishes, fridge, stove and microwave; load and unload dish washer; Table setting and serving; use of washer and dryer, folding cloths; proper use of an iron; sew small rips/buttons.

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Industrial Arts

  • The main objective if this program is to provide a safe learning environment while acquiring basic skills in woodworking. Safe and proper use of all woodworking tools and equipment is encouraged at all times.

    Some tools that are used are radial arm saw; table and band saw; drill press; jig saw; circular saw; hand drills; hammer; saws; screw drivers; sanders; paint brushes and rollers.

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  • The LEAP program is a new program initiative which was implemented during the Summer of 2009. LEAP was created to meet the ever changing recreation and leisure needs of those clients who are not involved in either the REACH program or the Community Access Program during the summer months but wanted to become involved. This program addresses challenges that can not be accommodated in the Reach or Community Access Program.

    The LEAP program allows interested clients to still participate in recreation and leisure activities but at a less frequent and slower pace. Clients enrolled in the LEAP program will be involved in activities that are planned to meet their individual needs and abilities with emphasis placed on the social aspect of recreation and leisure and not just the physical.

    LEAP program participants will be scheduled for at least two outings per week and regular structured planned activities in and around the Perlin Centre. The LEAP program will run from June 30-August 22 with a nominal weekly fee collected to cover the cost of transportation.

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Reach Program (Recreation, Education, Activity, Community Awareness, Healthy Lifestyles)

  • The REACH program is a recreational based program that started in the Summer of 2006. The program allows clients an opportunity to participate in creative recreation and leisure activities in and around the City of St Johns. The program which emphasizes healthy lifestyles, exercise and nutrition operates daily for 8 weeks (June 30-August 22), with clients participating in a new and exciting activity each day.

    REACH activities are planned and scheduled based on individual client needs, interests and ability levels with a focus placed on enjoyment and fun. Clients registered in the program pay a nominal daily fee to help offset the cost of transportation, admittance fees to various venues and other related program costs.

    Clients registering for the REACH program register for full days and are provided activities outside the Perlin Centre daily, rain or shine. Each individual client can expect to increase their fitness level, participate in as many as 40 scheduled outings and have lots of fun in the process.

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  • The Recreation Program is a seasonal fee based program that enables clients enrolled at the Perlin Centre to participate in scheduled outings and activities throughout the calendar year. Whether it be the Physical Education program (community based activities such as bowling, swimming, exercise class etc.) Sports Day, Movie Day or Christmas in July, Holiday Dances, clients at the Centre are continuously involved in outings and activities designed to enhance their quality of life. Each client is asked to pay a weekly nominal fee to help offset the costs of offering these special activities and experiences.

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Theatre Arts

  • The Objective of the Theatre Arts Program is to promote and encourage self-esteem and confidence in our clients by introducing some basis Arts fundamentals. The program is designed to work with clients on an individual basis, allowing the instructors to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each client. An individual program plan is developed for each client applying the tools available to suit their needs and ability. The program includes activities such as strengthening their knowledge of Instruments, Musical Movement/Dance, Personal Expression/Acting, Story Telling and Games.

    Interactive hands-on participation and enjoyment in the program is the method of evaluating success. With positive encouragement and assistance the clients will grow and benefit from participating thus developing self-esteem and confidence.

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