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June 2018 Newsletter

Mon, Jun 18, 2018

Posted by: Vera Perlin Centre


Mary Brown’s Fundraiser
- June 1st
Walk Around the Pond
- June 2nd
Car Wash
- June 5th
Discovery Day Holiday
- June 25th
Canada Day Holiday
- July 2nd

Scheduled Holidays

     Please note that all programs of the Vera Perlin Society will be closed on Monday, June 26th, 2018 in observance of Discovery Day, and Monday, July 2nd, 2018 in observance of Canada Day.

Mary Brown’s Fundraiser

     Please note Please note that on Friday, June 1st, Mary Brown’s at the Village Mall will be donating $2.00 to the Walk Around the Pond on every snack box or snack meal that is sold during the day. Why not plan to have Mary Brown’s Chicken for lunch or supper and support them as they support the Walk Around the Pond?
     If your son/daughter would like to purchase a snack box meal for lunch that day they are welcome to do so and we will be ordering from here and will ensure they receive one. Please keep an eye out for order
forms to follow in the next few days!

Walk Around the Pond

     As you are probably aware, on Saturday, June 2nd, 2018, the Vera Perlin Society will be holding its 23rd Annual Walk Around the Pond. The walk will take place from 10:00am - 11:00am. Any person who wishes to walk may do so. Registration will take place at St. Teresa’s Parish Hall, on Mundy Pond Road from 9:00am - 10:00am.
     All walkers with pledges more than $25.00 will receive a T-shirt.
     Every dollar pledged entitles the sponsor to a free ticket on a Summer Fun Package which includes a Deep Freeze donated by Island Furniture, a Gas Barbecue donated by Kent, and a Sobeys Grocery Certificate valued at $250.00 donated by Sobeys.
     Every $10.00 raised entitles the walker to a ticket to win a framed Limited Edition Reproduction of a painting by Local Artist June Foley titled “Magic in the Night” donated by Jim Casey.
     There are a number of additional prizes to be won however, for walkers to be eligible to win any of these additional prizes; you must be present at the St. Teresa’s Parish Hall @ 11:00am on Saturday, June 2nd, 2018.
     The continued success of our programs is dependent upon the support of our parents/ guardians, volunteers and our community sponsors. We encourage you to assist us in ensuring this event is a success so that we are able to continue to offer the high quality support and programs for all persons with intellectual disabilities.
     If at all possible, would you please return all ticket stubs and money to the Centre rather than taking it the morning of the walk? This will help alleviate the amount of cash that would be on site that morning.
     The difference your financial support has made to the Vera Perlin Society reinforces your commitment to supporting persons with intellectual disabilities. I would like to express my thanks, our thanks, to you for your continued generous support in recent months of our efforts. It is very much appreciated!
     See you at the Pond!

Lunch Menus

     Having trouble finding something for lunch? Please note that the barbeque lunch menu has started again. The menu is a hamburger and chips, served with a choice of water, milk or a soft drink. Lunch cost is $4.00. The BBQ, for now, will be for the remainder of June, July and August on Thursdays. We will advise you of any changes to this schedule.

Canteen Items

     Please be reminded of the items that are available in the canteen. Chips, cheezies, bars, ice cream milk and/or drinks $1.00 each. Tons of Fun! Thank you for your continued support.

Birthday Party

     Please be reminded that this month the June Birthday party will be held on Friday, June 29th. All birthday parties are best wishes only. This month the following individuals will celebrate their birthdays; Mary Dinn, Tom Drover, Christine Sharpe, Scott Murphy, Scott Pinhorn and James Cooney.

Coins for Prizes

     We are continuing with collecting coins for prizes for the clients’ activities and special events. As most of you are probably aware, this has been an ongoing campaign for us. Once again, I kindly thank you for your support and ask that if you have any loose coin laying around in your pocket, purse or drawer that you would like to donate, please send them along. Your kind generosity is greatly appreciated.

Respite Payroll

     As you are aware the Vera Perlin Society is a non-profit, charitable organization which provides services and supports to individuals living with a developmental disability.
     As a charity we are always looking at new ways to generate revenue in order to support the services we offer. One area we are actively trying to develop is our Respite Payroll Service. We offer administration of payroll to individuals who require respite care.
     The payroll service is a benefit to the individuals who receive the respite funding as they do not have to worry about the administration or funding of the payroll. The Vera Perlin Charitable Foundation will also benefit as any revenues generated from doing this service are redirected to the programs we offer and then in turn benefit all clients of The Vera Perlin Society.
     This letter is to ask you to consider having the Vera Perlin Charitable Foundation as your payroll service provider. We currently administer a professional, dependable payroll service and would like the opportunity to do yours.
     For additional information on this service you can call Mavis Roberts at the Vera Perlin Society’s Head Office, 739-6017, or you could reach Mavis via e-mail,
     We would appreciate your consideration to provide your payroll services.

Canadian Tire Money

     If you are normally one of the customers who drops your Canadian Tire Money in the plexi glass drum on your way out of the store, why not donate your Canadian Tire Money to the plexi glass drum at the Perlin Centre. We use this much needed money to purchase program supplies. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Recycling Program

     Many thanks for your support of the recycling program. This month Tuesday, June 26th, has been designated as a recycling blitz day. If you or any of your friends have recyclables that you might like to donate to the program, we would appreciate it. Recyclables can be dropped off at the Perlin Centre on Tuesday, June 26th, and we will take them to the recycling depot. All monies go directly to the client recreation fund. As per government regulations, please ensure to remove straws, bottle stoppers etc. Your continued support it is greatly appreciated.

Summer Activities

     I would like to remind you of the possibility of our clients and staff spending more time outside. Therefore, I kindly ask that you please ensure your son/daughter have the following items with them in their backpack daily?

  • sunscreen

  • hat

  • water

  • sneakers (please be reminded that sandals are not permitted)

  • a change of clothing

     As well, would you please ensure your son/daughter wears a t-shirt with some kind of cap sleeve? It is very difficult to ensure that sunburn doesn’t take place, no matter how much sun block is applied. A sleeveless or tank top/strap shirt seems to slip down the shoulder rubbing the sun block off and causing sunburned shoulders.

Parking Lot Rules

     Please be reminded of our parking lot regulations:

  • NO SPEEDING ONTO OR OFF THE PARKING LOT. Please, no passing vehicles that clients are exiting out off!

  • The Parking Lot is ONE WAY. Please Enter from Pennywell Rd. and Exit onto Ropewalk Lane. Please be reminded that when exiting the parking lot, right turn only. I ask all drivers to respect this rule as well as the idle free zone please!

  • Please respect the two lines of traffic. Please ensure you leave at least two feet between the vehicle lines so that clients have enough space to enter the vehicle they are getting in. The staff members on duty will alert and escort the client to the building in the morning and to their transportation in the evening.

  • For the safety of all concerned, I kindly ask that you please respect the staff members on duty and do not move your vehicle until directed.

Thank you for your continued support of our program.

No time to volunteer but would like to contribute?
Please contact us:
The Perlin Centre
P.O.Box 7114
St. John’s NL A1E 3Y3
(709) 579-2106
E-mail us at
Check us out at

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer! ~Author Unknown

     Friday, June 8th, 2018 at the Comfort Inn; 106 Airport Road, beginning @ 6:30 PM in support of the Vera Perlin Society and Special Olympics NL. There will be Silent and Live Auctions, 50/50 Draw, Special Draws, including a feature performance by the Perlin Players. Tickets are $85.00 per Lobster Dinner (with all the fixings). This promises to be a great time. Why not plan to join the men of the Canadian Progress Club and support them as they support us. For tickets call Ann Marie @ 579-2106 or Mary Ann @ 739-6017. If you are able to purchase/sell some of these tickets, please let me know. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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